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Gifts Ideas for Moms!

Updated: Apr 27

Here is a list of some of our favorite items that have helped make Mom life easier! This list will be added to over the next few days so check back if you want more ideas! We are only sharing our tried and tested gift ideas.

This Post Has Affiliate Links. Using these links to make your purchases helps cover the production costs of Peaceful Homeschool Podcast.

Kitchen Helps

Anything I can do to cut down time in the kitchen is a mom win in my opinion. Here are some of our favorite time saving tools:

Instant Pot - I love my instant pot, especially for steaming ribs and tougher meat cuts. It is also amazing at cooking dry beans quickly and reliably.

Crock Pot - While the Instant Pot does have the slow cooker feature on it, I still like having an old school crock pot. Look up Dump Recipes for some quick ideas with few ingredients.

Rice Cooker- We use this for of course rice, but it also works for oatmeal on busy mornings! Just throw in your oats and water while your doing other things. Ready to serve in about 10 minutes. This one has a stainless steel liner which is a much healthier option. The 6 cup is plenty big enough for my family and we usually have leftovers.

Foil Pans - For making freezer meals or storing leftovers in a stackable pan that come with foil lids.

Pie Stacking Boxes - These have been a game changer for the holidays at my house. They stack easily and can be written on you can fit more in the fridge and see quickly which pie is which. It is especially handy for us allergy moms trying to keep the different allergy friendly foods well labeled. You can even use these to store store bought pies in to make things easier.

Parchment Paper Sheets - I LOVE these sheets. They are the size of a standard cookie sheet and it makes lining the sheets for roasting veggies, cooking bacon, and cookie baking so quick fast and it's a healthier option than regular foil.

Mom Organizing Helps

I love LOVE LOVE the Happy Planner Notebooks and Planners. The ones with the dot grid interiors are my favorite. I have one for my garden planning, one for every day house lists, homeschooling and planning and one for my business organizing. They are very customizable. You can replace the yearly planner interiors or the notebook pages very easily. On top of them being so practical they also come in a huge variety of styles. This is my favorite Notebook.

I love these erasable gel pens! So fun to have the cute colors, but extra handy to have them erasable, especially on the calendar pages.

Homeschool Mom's love using weekly trackers for easily tracking school work, attendance and hours.

Mom Self-Care

This neck massager has been a life-saver for me. You can use the arm loops to pull as hard as you want the massage to go. I don't just use it on my neck, I adjust the straps so it goes down to my lower back as well.

Mom Fashion

Belt Bags/Waist Packs/Fanny Packs - Whatever they are currently being called THESE are a must for the busy active mom! When my kids were little, these weren't cool.....but I found one by Roxy that was cute enough for me to pull off even if I was the only one doing it! HA! You're all lucky to be in a time when hands free mom mode is cool. This one is a well made knock off of a very trendy belt bag, this price is just more comfortable and it's really cute. I love mine. I got the Dune color - which is a mauve/dusty rose color. It fits my wallet, phone, keys, and some other essentials. What I loved about it when my kids were small was I didn't have to worry about losing/juggling my wallet or phone in the stores. It also saves my shoulder and neck from getting tired of lugging the purse.

These high waisted leggings with pockets are so soft and so comfy! The best part though is the pocket for the phone. Mom's need to have free hands at all times!

Dry Shampoo - I LOVE dry shampoo. If you haven't tried it yet, its a game changer on busy days.

Cozy Soft Wool Socks I love these cute, cozy soft socks. I also really love that they aren't too tight around the ankles. I am very picky about having socks that are too tight around the ankles and these are perfect.

Mom Clips AKA Off Duty Model Hair Clips - Once again I was cool before my time and have been wearing these for years! They are so handy and they don't hurt my head and neck like wearing a normal pony tail. My daughter came to me one day and said "Mom, your cool now! Your hair clips are on Pinterest! It's off duty model hair!"


Audio Books

Audio books are my favorite way to "read" at the moment. I can have my headphones in and be listening to books while I am making dinner, doing chores, walking, driving, etc. I love that I can still be enjoying books even when I don't have time to sit down. Audible+ has a 30 day free trial right now, it goes to $7.95 a month after that and has unlimited downloads (unlike regular audible). Use this link to get the free trial. Audible Trial You can also give the gift of Audible here.


The Help This is one of my favorite historical fiction books. My teen daughter also loved reading this book. It is a rough topic but written in a way that can hit all the rough areas but it also still brings humor. I really hope this author writes more books.

The Book Thief This book is set in World War II Germany. It is beautifully written. The author has a way of writing that really touches my heart. It is listed for young adults, but the author himself said it was never intended for a young audience. It was classified that way simply because the main character is a young girl.


Christian Gratitude Journal We all know that acknowledging our blessings, big or small, can help our mental and spiritual health tremendously.

Give Them Wings - This is Emma's recommendation. It helps parents relate to their kids and prepare them to leave the nest someday.

Who Moved My Cheese? : An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life - The same author has a version for teens and for kids!

The Discipline Book - Another one of Emma's favorites about how to have a better behaved child from birth to age ten.

The Five Love Languages of Children and The Five Love Languages I think everyone has heard of the Five Love Languages but if you haven't read the book yet I believe you will find it very valuable.

Fast, Feast, Repeat - A book about intermittent fasting that I have recently enjoyed.

Find Your Homeschool Vibe, How to Homeschool Without Losing Your Mind is a book that I wrote to help new homeschoolers, old homeschoolers, struggling homeschoolers, grandparents wanting to know more about homeschooling, etc learn how to be flexible, enjoy the journey, trust themselves and their children more and just to learn about and embrace the homeschool mindset.

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